Afrikan-centred homeschooling

Need some additional support?   Akokonan Homeschool Resources   Kamali Academy, a homeschool co-op   FAQ: Will my child be able to go to college?    Mwalimu Baruti talks about the necessity for homeschooling and independent schools   Afrikan-centred curriculum   Homeschooling as a viable option for our children (a lecture by Ama Mazama)    ”  ” and more  AYA Educational Institute. They offer support for homeschoolers in the form of classes etc.

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Holistic Pregnancy/Birth: Homebirth

Are you expecting a child?  Get informed and consider a homebirth.  Start planning today.   Home Birth Project Documentary  Part 2 of the above   A  homebirth father’s story   A woman birthing at home with a midwife     Ayida Honor talks about Birth Empowerment    Home birth -vs- Birthing centre birth (Ayida Honor)    Modern medicine, surgical procedures, home birth (Lenon Honor)    An article about black women and homebirthing