Black Love #2

Let’s talk ’bout sex. Shoot, I wish an elder or two would’ve introduced me to all this in my teens. Let’s commit to doing this for our youths! In the meantime it’s our job to learn as much as we can. Get ready to step dat game up! ENJOY!!!

There are more videos on youtube so don’t miss a beat!


Schooling our Youth

Folks, some of us choose to send our teens abroad for high school. Rarely do you hear of folks researching schools in the rest of our region, the Caribbean. Most look to the U.K. and North America. Hands down.
Please encourage people to look at other options within the region. There is quite a bit to choose from. Public & private schools.  There’s SO MUCH to be learned from studying/living in St.Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, T&T, St.Kitts, Bahamas etc.
P.S. – I just spoke to a woman who pulled her son (around 13) out of a local private school. He had studied there since P1 and was thriving academically. At the same time he encountered other issues as a black male and wouldn’t hold his tongue about them. He is now studying in Jamaica and loves it! The young man was part of the decision-making process and voiced that he wanted to continue his schooling in Jamaica (an island he’s grown up visiting regularly). He is doing well all around and is already considering heading to UTech or UWI upon graduation.  Go ‘head li’l warrior!!!

Educating our youth – Samori speaks

Samori Camara heads Kamali Academy. He has lots to share so give him a listening ear:

People, let’s do a better job of promoting our own schools. If your local community could use an Afrikan-centred school/homeschool co-op consider starting one. CIBI ( can help.