Navigating Halloween – Part 2

So you have a mixed household? One parent is fine with Damballa Hwedo/Samhain/Halloween/Dia de los Muertos and the other sees no reason to engage. That’s the reality for many families and it’s really not worth fighting over. Who wants all that tension?
So what now? Try to be flexible with one another. Here are some ideas:
– Have a costume party at your place. No scary costumes. Instead set some ground rules on the types of costumes you’re down with ie. s/heroes, plants, animals, book and dvd characters. Try to stay away from buying dress-up items. Check your own closets and/or borrow what you need. Have a few treats, play some games. A sleepover may work well. Use natural face paints like:   Natural face paints  ” ” “ ” ” “. Use fruits & veggies for colouring.
– Be mindful of buying into the idea that children must engage in the festivities. If it’s not your thing it’s not your thing. Skip the Halloween/Dia de los Muertos festivities and see how your family does/feels. Treat it as “just another day.” Go to bed early. Do something special with family/friends at another time.
– Take your children out for a round in your neighbourhood. Allow them to give/receive treats along the way.  If the words “trick-or-treat” don’t sit well with you choose something else that does. Ensure that your children enjoy their treats over an extended period of time (to prevent sickness). ie. put most of them in the freezer, give some away etc.
– Try reverse trick-or-treating:
P.S.- For those vegans who don’t want their children eating mainstream treats that’s perfectly fine. Just have some alternatives around for them. For the sweets you collect from other folks find a shelter to give them to.

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