It’s World Vegetarian Day!!

October 1 is World Vegetarian Day. It marks the beginning of  Vegetarian Awareness Month. What are you doing to raise awareness about vegetarianism? Our communities need to hear from us.  Need ideas? Consider these:

– Hit our community radio stations/shows.  Get on air and talk about the benefits of a veg*n lifestyle.

– Post this flyer in our neighbourhoods ie. gyms, health & grocery stores, schools, community & religious centres etc.

– Host a strictly veg*n potluck. That means no animals. Have a variety of raw vegan, vegetarian, vegan & fruitarian dishes available. Invite friends and family.

– Wear vegetarian advocacy attire like hats, shirts, tams. Think:

– Write an article for a community newspaper.  Stay clear of bashing meat-eating. Simply point out the benefits of a veg*n lifestyle.

– Show a documentary that promotes organic gardening/vegetarianism like “Urban Roots.”  Make it a public event.

– Start a vegetarian organization like the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia.


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