Annual Sankofa Conference – For the whole family

So you’re an Afrikan-centred fam who who would love to go on a retreat/conference with others of  like mind. You want a mix of business and pleasure right? Gotcha!! The annual Sankofa conference (held in Washington, D.C.) has been going strong for 22 years. There are workshops & other activities for the entire family. Yup, even for our little ones. Apparently teens love it. CRISSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Honestly it’s worth making a holiday out of it. Take your children, make some new friends/build with old ones and enjoy the city for a week or so.  The conference falls on the first weekend of April. Some families go every year which is ideal. The 2013 conference will be held from Apr.5-7.       Reflections on the 2013 conference

P.S.- This conference is not exactly a “come one, come all” affair. Be very mindful of who you invite. It’s for those who are serious about our liberation.



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