Black Love #3

Fact is many of us have unhealthy sex practices. Folks, let’s confront/deal with this. It’s key that we all (men & women) learn to do our kegels daily. Heard of injaculation (aka semen conservation)? It’s key for a man’s overall health.  Sistahs, let’s encourage this. Remember we benefit too. Our children do as well. To learn more about holistic sexuality check out “Tao of Sexology” by S.Chang.  Mantak Chia’s books are awesome too. In addition these may help:  Tao book on health, sex, longevity  Book titles on holistic sex  Kegels for males   Kegels for females   Maximizing orgasm (Dr. Alim Bey)     ” ” (Part 2)    Orgasm -vs- Ejaculation   How-to video on injaculation    Reactivating our melanin via sex, diet, solar energy

Let’s do this!!!


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