Got fibroids?

Queens, many of us seem to have cysts and/or fibroids.  I have met far too many women dealing with these. Thankfully I’ve never had them.  Recently yet another friend told me that she has  fibroids. My gosh. This is such an epidemic for sistahs. Below is what I said to my girl:

I can tell you that well balanced meals are key. A holistic lifestyle is preferable.  Closely watch what you eat & drink, the products you use, the company you keep etc. Sugars, starches must be minimized. Regular exercise and yoga are imperative. Sweat, sweat, sweat.
The thing is you want to get rid of the ones you have and then maintain a regime to prevent any  from coming back.

Read this book as soon as you can. It has a section on fibroids. I suggest you read the whole book though.
I’d also suggest that you consult with this woman:
Check these out:
Djehuty Ma’at of also helps women rid themselves of fibroids once & for all.


Special note: Many women who have issues with being female tend to have fibroids or womb issues in general. I’ve read about this and noticed it myself. The point? There is definitely a psychological/emotional side to fibroids. If these issues aren’t addressed you’ll probably find that you continue to have womb issues.



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