Building Family Traditions cont’d

Folks, building/maintaining family traditions is absolutely critical.  Let’s face it, many of us don’t spend enough time on this (especially if we’ve moved away from the traditions we were raised with).  It definitely impacts our families. How about being more intentional? Trust me we’d all benefit. What holidays really speak to your family? We don’t have to spend lots of money to celebrate. Not at all. In order for things to run smoothly planning is necessary though. Consider the basics and then let things flow.  Think: meaningful, fun, light-hearted.  Consider decorations, foods, games, gifts.  FUN!!!! Remember we want to ensure that everyone looks forward to our special days. Earthdays, Kwanzaa, solstices/equinoxes, Garvey Day, Ancestors’ Day, New Year’s…

* Although some of the above links refer to Christmas the tips can be used for other holidays/traditions.


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