more on building family traditions

Many of us don’t connect with many a mainstream holiday. Nuff said. I’ll tell you something though. There’s no sense complaining every time they come around. Let’s face it lots of Afrikan-centred folks do just that and it creates a negative vibe in our homes. Time to let it go don’t you think? How about being more pro-active by creating vibrant traditions/holidays that actually resonate with us?  It’s key that we each create a cultural calendar for our families. We have lots of options from Garvey Day to Kwanzaa, Ancestors’ Day, the solstices/equinoxes, Yoruba/Kemetic/Ethiopian New Year’s and more. Create your own holidays if you like. Celebrating communally is often ideal. You can start small and then keep building every year. Within a few years you should have a rhythm going. It can take awhile though so just keep at it. Remember these are traditions we want our great-grands to be raised with. So… let’s put some thought into developing them. Whatever we do let’s not get in the habit of bringing our families together to have the same ol’ same ol’ heavy conversations. It just ain’t the time folks. CELEBRATE. Truly. HAVE FUN. Fully. Think: food, games, memories, decorations, gifts, music. We don’t have to spend a ton of cash. Not at all. Keep it frugal by reusing as much as you can.

We can do this & do it well! Make it a priority folks. 4 real.

 P.S. – Take photos. Create an album.


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