Remembrance/Veteran’s Day

For some of us Nov.11 is just another day. Others like to redefine the whole Remembrance/Veteran’s Day vibe. If the latter speaks to your family consider:

Using  the day  to remember our ancestors. Place special emphasis on our veterans, those who shed blood in the numerous wars against white supremacy. Have a special meal with friends & family. Make a collage/wall of fame of ancestors. Consider placing it by your family’s altar. Put flowers/produce (for our veterans) on your altar. Bury them outside the day after. Plant a tree in honour of a veteran or two. Go on a mini-vacation to visit friends/family OR head somewhere new.

Mary Prince. Malcolm X. Bussa. Queen Nanny. Mbuyah Nehanda. The Kenya Land and Freedom Army. Yaa Asantewaa. Maurice Bishop. Nat Turner. Dessalines. George and Jonathan Jackson. John Africa. Alonso de Illescas. Sally Bassett. Gaspar Yanga. Ken Saro Wiwa. Thomas Sankara. Menelik…

Let this Day of Remembrance be one where we call the names of those who died so that we might live. Let this day be one where we remember those Veterans of the Continental and Diasporic wars against white supremacy, whose blood was spilled in pursuit of our liberation. Let their example illuminate the way forward for us, the Afrikans whom they left behind.

libation  Tribute to the Martyrs (Steel Pulse)   African Liberation (Sizzla)

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