American Thanksgiving

Many of us really need to educate ourselves on the history of Thanksgiving. The reality is that it’s a day of mourning for many of America’s indigenous people. Rightfully so! How does your family use the holiday? Fam, let’s be purposeful. Here are some ideas:
– Fast (at least until your family gathering).
– Give thanks for the world’s indigenous people. Read stories/watch films about us & reflect on our experiences. Go to a pow wow.
– Prepare a special meal of indigenous food and/or take one dish to your family gathering. Have some cards/games/puzzles handy.
– Consider skipping Thanksgiving. If you feel to why not adopt Umoja Karamu?
– Head to an Anti-Thanksgiving (or Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving) event.
– Go to a festival which is focused on indigenous people.
– Go on a mini-vacation to visit friends/family OR head somewhere new.
Some truths about  Thanksgiving:
Thanks But No Thanks (a song):
Thanksgiving, a day of mourning (an article):
Another day of mourning article:
Some tips for vegans who celebrate Thanksgiving:
Article about the origins of Thanksgiving:

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