Black Family Self-Defense Training Weekend

Call of the AKOBEN by our AFRIKAN SISTERS!
We have set the date!


Sponsored by

Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Association 
The ASAFO Initiative!

Sisters and Brothers, gather your families, organizations, spiritual groups, and Afrikan collectives for this urgent




For Women, Men, Elders, & the Afrikan Family Household




The Time is Now!


Complete 2-day “Afrikan Tactical Training”  


Saturday & Sunday
DECEMBER 8-9, 2012



All-Day Training (indoor)
COME to enhance your family’s environmental awareness, HEALTH & FITNESS.
SEE everyday 

dangers & its signs i.e. robbery, kidnapping, rape kwk (etc).
LEARN how to SAVE YOUR LIFE with “realistic & practical” 

hand to hand & body combat techniques 
provided by world renowned, decorated & proclamated Afrikan specialists in the Montu (martial) Arts, law-enforcement, military & personal protection. 
*Presentations shall also include knife/gun attacks, police & police imposter’s violations, (new) drug dangers, predators on children, women & seniors, public transportation, public school (day-care, elementary, middle & high school) & college campus robberies and shootings. 


Master Field-Weapons Training @ the Outdoor Range
*Transportation & NEEDED-materials will be provided (Call for more details)*


*Complete 2-day attendance is encouraged, Saturday-only training is also available. *Saturday training is MANDATORY to attend Sunday’s training! 



“This is our calling, our only instruction, in this day and time. It can only be ignored at the expense of our final destruction. There is no alternative. There is no compromise. There is no defeat. We must win or we will cease to exist as a people”

                                                                                                               -Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

(Invited Saturday Speaker)


Invited Presenters &
Instructors w/their Bios
Mwalimu Baruti 


Baba “Yoga” Bey


Nana Siti








Instructed by Sijo Sabir (Steve) Muhammad
Know the capabilities of the human body using the God-Mind. “The ability of the mind, once trained, cannot be tricked or fooled. It can and will adapt.”
– Sijo Sabir (Steve) Muhammad, co-founder of Black Karate Federation (BKF) c.1969
Sijo Sabir (Steve) Muhammad is a distinctive legendary Afrikan treasure amongst us.  One of the most honourable, un-apologetic proud-to-be-Black men alive, he is the example of being a “God” when it comes to fighting.  One of the first dominant “CHAMPION” full-contact fighters (before UFC/MMA) in the world from america, he fought through mounds of rascism, seperatism and hatred to learn and take back the Ancestral knowledge of fighting/defense and give it back to the Black community.  Regarded as the greatest Kenpo/Kempo fighter ever amongst his peers, after his Marine Corps duty in vietnam, Mr. Muhammad rose through the ranks of the famed Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Schools in the 1960’s and achieved grand-master status. After being constantly cheated in legendary tournaments & fight bouts and being used by the white establishments to promote their fight events, Mr. Muhammad (8 time World-Champion) co-founded the famed BKF with six other Black men from different disciplines (Black Karate Federation) in 1969 and became the most feared teams, schools and “CHAMPIONS” in the world.  For over 25+ yrs since 1969 Mr. Muhammad has lead the BKF & produced world-class champions and proud Black citizens of OUR communities.  Mr. Muhammad’s own proven fighting system, Wu Shur Shin Chuan Fa (Fist Law of the Warrior Spirit) is recognized as its own science and he has been proclamated and is now known as “Sijo” meaning creator or father of a system. He lives by 4 laws of spiritual law, dietary law, fitness & skill law. 
 Co-authoring two books (Championship Kenpo, BKF History and Advanced Strategic Principles). He retired from the Los Angeles County Police Department and became an Executive Protection Specialist securing such well known clients as actor Wesley Snipes and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA).  Now in his seventies, when most of his peers have long since retired from their art or no longer lead active lifestyles, Sijo Sabir (Steve) Muhammad displays as much, if not more, energy today as any martial artist less than half his age.  A devout vegetarian, proud man of his family (father and grandfather), Mr. Muhammad & his wonderful compliment (wife) Mrs. Connie Muhammad reside in Lithonia, GA.
 Instructed by Baba Taji Nanji
“Increase your mental to improve your fundamental, because the body cannot go where the mind’s never been.”
-Baba Taji Nanji
Founder of New World Martial Arts & Fitness Institute
Baba Taji Nanji is OUR Afrikan cornerstone. A consumate student (Dr. Moses (Musa) Powell “ancestor” ASE, Dan Inosanto) he is a 30+ yr student, Master practitioner and Master educator of protecting yourself and your family from all ill-wills. From OUR youngest youth to the elderly, from security specialists to law-enforcement personnel, Baba Taji is respected and known as a “warrior’s warrior” and is called on for further teachings and in-services by all.  He, his compliment (Mama Nanji “ancestor”ASE) and his entire family are multi-generational staples in the Afrikan community and are the embodiment of living thru the Afrikan Spirit.  
Instructed by Balogun Ojetade
“Discover the Afrikan Warrior Within” 
                               -Balogun Ojetade

Baba Balogun and his family are pillars of the Afrikan community.  He is a staunch practitioner & Master teacher of  the ancient traditonal Afrikan Kombat (martial) Arts of the Igbe Ogun, Yoruba tradition.  He is the Master Instructor of the Afrikan Martial Arts Institute and Technical Director of Martial Ministries of America, a non-profit organization that serves at-risk youth. His family legacy of Afrikan-Warriorhood beginning with the Ancestors & passing thru his father Adam Swan, is a great example of  humility, strength, resilience and fearless Afrikan existence. Baba with his compliment (wife) & eight children reside in Atlanta, Georgia.


Instructed by Baba Cordell


“Stand on your own 2 Black feet and fight like hell for your place in the world” 
                             -Amy Jacques Garvey

Devout Afrikan Family Man, Educator, & Nationbuilder, 16+ Years Law Enforcement, Trained in Riot, Swat & SERT, Adult Super-Maximum Prisons, Juvenile Prisons, Mental Health facilities & the un-Afrikan Streets
This impactful sharing shall touch on the realistic, aryan horror confronted by Afrikans everyday within its white supremicist systems that is overlooked or delusionally denied by Afrikans with “euro thinking & sensibilities” until it hits their home.  Real time simulations,  interactive discussions and preventive/reactive measures will be shared!



A Weekend of New Awakenings!
Sharpen your awareness & learn tools and techniques for the security of our Families!
Get Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Ready!

Afrikan Family Pledge
“We come in peace, and we go in peace, for we are not the aggressor. We are a peaceful and loving people.  However, if we are aggressed upon, or our family placed in harms way, we will fight like hell until death!”
                                            -Sijo Sabir (Steve) Muhammad
                                            -Co-Founder Black Karate Federation

Location:            The Arts Exchange
                             750 Kalb Street SE
                            Atlanta, GA  30312                             
Time:                  9am-5pm
Pre-registration strongly preferred!
Limited Space Available!
Call 678.368.8593 or 678.368.0834
 Nutritious Vegetarian 
Food, Water (chlorophyll & coconut), and Drinks 
will be served for a minimal cost!


Register Today! 
Group rates available.
 Bring a friend! 


$75 for the Complete 2-day Package

(Sunday alone is worth $100)
$25 for Saturday Only
(spectators are welcomed at same price)
(Childcare cannot be provided due to limited space. This is a serious Afrikan gathering. Provide your own responsible child supervision with no interruptions please. Distractions for presenters will not be allowed.)
*Mature 12 years-Adult &
Elders/Seniors Encouraged to Participate*
Give the gift of Life, Preservation & Longevity to yourself and those you love!


Register by calling 678.368.8593 or 678.368.0834 
or email


What to bring/wear:
Work-out clothing i.e sweats, cultural garb (short sleeved shirts welcomed, no tank tops), socks, and comfortable shoes.
*Blacks/Afrikans Only! 

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