Kwanzaa Newcomers

Think deeply about why you and your family have decided to celebrate Kwanzaa.


Read Maulana Karenga’s “Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community & Culture.”  Check your local library for this and other books about Kwanzaa.

Check out  if you can.

Consider purchasing

Watch Someone you know probably has a copy. Check your libraries too. You can also order it through the site or via

Read “Practicing Kwanzaa Year Round” by Gwynelle Dismukes.

Obtain a Kwanzaa table set including the Nguzo Saba poster and the Black Liberation flag. As a family agree on a suitable location for everything.

Discuss how you’d like to celebrate your first year. Keep in mind that for some this simply means lighting the candles, pouring libation and discussing the principles each day. You may want to consider doing this ritual around the same time every day. Don’t hesitate to create your own libations. You can also search the internet for ideas.

Check for public Kwanzaa events. Libraries, community centres and Black History museums often have them. You may want to attend one or two.

If you are a parent of a young child consider reading a Kwanzaa book or two with them. For simple activities check out: & For older children you may like to suggest that they read a book on Kwanzaa ie.

Have a Happy… – M.Pitts Walter

A Kwanzaa Story – N.Harrington

A Very Special Kwanzaa – D.Chocolate

Decide on a feast day (karamu). You may want to prepare one or two new dishes.

Consider starting a family gift giving tradition. For gifts that are bought support Black-owned businesses ie. vendors, stores etc.

Need African/Kwanzaa-themed cups, plates, napkins, decorations? Check party stores.

NOTE: Be as simple as possible in your first year or two. Allow your celebrations to evolve each year as you gain a better understanding of Kwanzaa.


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