Ways to celebrate the winter solstice

Need ideas? Here are a few:

– Declutter your home, vehicles and work spaces. Change the linen/curtains in your home. You may want to use colours that reflect winter. Burn sage to cleanse spaces.

– Wear white and winter colours.

– Get quiet for a few days. Retreat & turn off phones, computers, tvs, radios etc.

– Do some healing work ie. tai chi/qigong, yoga, meditation.

– Seriously consider fasting especially if you participate in/celebrate Xmas and/or Kwanzaa. Do so for a few days.

– Read children’s books on winter.

– Focus on your goals. Write them down in a special place.

– Pour libation (preferably outside) for significant/family ancestors born in winter.

– Prepare winter dishes and warming herbs/spices like soups, stews. Try to use lots of  fresh, local foods.  Have a small gathering with friends & family.

– Go for a drive and check out all the pretty lights on homes, businesses etc.

– Take it easy. Relax, relax, relax. At the very least slow down.

– Catch up on sleep. Curl up and read a book or two. Go to sleep earlier than usual if possible.

– Consider exchanging a few small gifts.

– Give your young children a few winter colouring pages. There are plenty you can download free of charge.

– Colour mandalas. Mandala books of all kinds are on the market.

– Play cards/board games/puzzles.

– Head to a tree lighting ceremony and/or have a tree lighting party at your home. Invite family & friends.

– Light some candles for a few nights.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cx3EBcdWXA    Fasting for the solstice

http://oyansoro.com/WinterEquinox2011/articles/solstice_cleansing.html   Cleansing/fasting for the solstice

http://keidiobi.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/winter-solstice-fasting-for-health-longevity/     More about cleansing/fasting for the solstice

http://www.earthwitchery.com/yule-tree.html   Significance of solstice trees.  Remember much of Celtic/Druid culture came from us. 

http://www.Blogtalkradio.com/perankhlive/2012/12/09/perankhlivesaankhtified-sundays-whats-up4sep2012-9amest  Discussion about the 2012 solstice

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1Ap6rwLnuI    Iyalosa talks about embracing the great shift (solstice 2012)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHkgw4A0ajM    Part of a lecture given by Ra Un Nefer Amen about the solstice




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