Lidet…Genna…Christmas…Ka-Rast Mass…Mas Heru

So some of us celebrate immaculate conception & birth (in its many forms) on Dec.25 and/or Jan.7. Fabulous! Let’s continue to reclaim our ancient traditions. Ka-Rast Mass:

What Shall we Do With Jesus? clip by Ray Hagins:

Continuation of the above:

Why they gave us Christmas clip by Ray Hagins:

Mas Heru!__events

Have a potluck with lots of our cultural dishes. Bring out a bottle of sparkling fruit juice and/or wine. Spend time with family & friends. How ’bout playing genna and other games? You may want to exchange a few gifts too.  That’s optional of course. Some soft decorations may go over well ie.  special cloth napkins/tablecloth, a sweet *nativity set etc. Reuse the items each year. Merry Christmas! Melkam Lidet! P.S. – Here’s some music to help set the mood:

I am Divine CD (Kai Hetep Ensemble)

This is my Christmas Prayer (BeBe Winans):

Silent Night (BoyzIIMen):

SOULstice CD – Queen Mother Imakhu

I Am Light – India Arie

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas (L.Vandross): Every Year, Every Christmas (same as above):

Give me a Star (BeBe & CeCe Winans):

Someday at Christmas (Stevie Wonder):

*Find one modelled after us. There are a variety to choose from:



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