Kwanzaa warm-up

This week’s a good time to start warming up for Kwanzaa. Here are a few tips:

– Attend a pre-Kwanzaa event.

– Start playing that music (see “Kwanzaa music” post)!  Here are some children’s songs: Kinda corny mind you.

– Host a Kwanzaa party for your children complete with our stories, crafts, games, munchies.

– Get cracking on your zawadi (gifts). Some parents give their children a gift or two prior to Kwanzaa (for some added excitement).

– Decorate your home and workplace. Try to be green by using the same decorations each year.

– Send those e-cards out to friends & family.

– Make some pre-Kwanzaa treats to nibble on ie. cookies shaped like gingerbread people, ankhs, Africa.

– Give young children a few colouring pages ie.

– Put rings (made of construction paper) on your children’s bedroom doors. Each child pulls off one per day until Dec.26. Alternate the colours of each ring ie. red, black, green.

– Show to a few folks one day.

– Contact a local journalist about writing an article on Kwanzaa. Offer to be interviewed.



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