Songs for our children – Alternatives to mainstream nursery rhymes

Many mainstream nursery rhymes have back stories that have nothing to do with our empowerment. Plain & simple.  Some Bible songs can be tweaked to suit our children. Here are more options:



I am a Promise – Revise the words to reflect the Divine Mama & Baba.

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands – ” ”

Mama’s/Baba’s Love is a Bubblin’ Over – Sing to the tune of  “Jesus’  Love is a Bubblin’ Over.” Last line is “and I love them.”

If you’re Afrikan and you know it  Sing it to the tune of  “If you’re happy and you know it.”

This is the Day – Alter the words to reflect your spiritual persuasion.

We shall overcome – Yup, the civil rights jam. Cut out any of the words that don’t sit with you.  Freedom Riders’ songs. Civil rights’ jams.

There’s a Big Beautiful Planet (  Yes, Raffi is European. Gotta tell you that many of his songs are on point though. I’ve heard one or two live.  Songs from the Baobab He’s European. Many of the songs are on though.


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