Teachable Moment: Christmas/Lidet/Ka-Rast Mass

So your household doesn’t celebrate Christmas yet your child(ren) want to gain a better understanding. Is that the scoop? Hmmm. Ever considered taking them to one or two Christmas events/services? Churches like the following are a great start for these teachable moments:





Now when you attend remember that you’re not obliged to engage in any aspect of the programme that doesn’t speak to you. Try (your absolute best) to be respectful though. Have a good conversation on the way home. Encourage your children to ask questions etc. Inform your youths about the roots of Christmas (Christian & otherwise) and reinforce why it’s a holiday that you choose not to celebrate.

P.S. – You may not want to do this until your children are sufficiently grounded in your immediate family’s traditions (read: whatever you are raising your children on ie. solstices/equinoxes, Kwanzaa, Garvey Day etc).  The same applies for any other tradition or holiday that you don’t celebrate.


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