Birth Control: Depo Provera

Pfizer’s Depo Provera injectable contraceptive is the world’s deadliest birth control drug, and the US government has funded this product’s deliberate targeting at Black women in the African Diaspora and vulnerable women. Ironically, so-called African American elected and NAACP have done nothing to protect Black women or gladly received contributions from Pfizer the maker of Depo Provera. The NAACP and other black elected officials have known the FDA’s Black Box reports of the deadly contraceptive side effects that include greater risk of use leading to increased chances of developing breast cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, and doubled risk of HIV infection. The liberality of Pfizer towards the NAACP has silenced this organization’s voice to the eugenic destruction of black women globally. In fact, the NAACP’s conflict of interests regarding the health of Black women and corporate money is best demonstrated by the fact that Pfizer has its executives on the association’s National and New York State Board of Directors—chief among these Mrs. Karen Boykin Towns.
The significant danger that Depo Provera poses to women that use this drug has been deliberately hidden from them by Planned Parenthood of America (PPA)—which has been partner with the NAACP time immemorial. PPA has targeted black women for the use of this deadly drug, while violating their patients’ rights by deliberately misleading and misinforming them about FDA documented risks and serious potential harm that Depo Provera use carries.
In Africa Dr. James Phillips, with the Population Council, conducted unethical human rights violating research on 9,000 women in Ghana with Depo Provera. The Population Council infamous Navrongo Experiment project did not inform the women that they were human subjects in an experiment nor the serious side effects of Depo Provera. In America, many black women are coerced into taking Depo Provera to prevent future births immediately following births or abortions. Depo Provera is rarely administered to white females anywhere.
We must act to abolish the federal funding of Depo Provera and outlaw its use in the United States herewith. Further, we must demand that Planned Parenthood of America be fined for its improper use of this drug and be cut off from further federal funding. We must demand that the USAID and all other international agencies of the United States be banned from the selling, contributing, or promoting Depo Provera. We must demand that all human experimentation—especially those of a eugenics/population control focus—be ceased and outlawed. Finally, we must demand that the officials of the National NAACP Board of Directors (Ben Jealous and Hazel Dukes, in particular) and those of New York State resign herewith, and the same is true for members of the Congressional Black Caucus that have taken funds from Pfizer since 2004. Concerned citizens can burn their NAACP membership cards and become part of the No More Genocide in America coalition.

3 thoughts on “Birth Control: Depo Provera

  1. I’m really concerned about this depo shot. I got mine October 27,2013. I haven’t had any type of issues with it but I researched it and got scared with what I found. I read that you can become infertile, have osteoporosis, depression, gain weight etc. I really don’t want to lose the opportunity of not having kids in the future. Help? Thank you.

  2. Hmmm. I’ve never taken it so I’m unable to speak from experience. I’ve been told about it. Read about it too. Are you comfortable coming off it and using natural methods instead? I strongly recommend this. I can refer you to a few books if needed. Cerasee is also a wonderful herb to use to prevent pregnancy. You can grow it and/or find it easily at Caribbean grocery stores. It’s very inexpensive.

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