The Nguzo Saba: A Way of Life (Kwanzaa 365)

Trying to practice the Nguzo Saba year round? I’ve talked to a few parents who are looking for ways to do just that. In doing so when Kwanzaa rolls around it’s all about celebrating what we’re consciously working at 365. Any ideas? Some folks find it helpful to keep their mishumaa saba/kinara visible all year. That way the whole family is constantly reminded of the Nguzo Saba.  Lighting the candles and pouring libation once a week or once a month (ie. new moon)  during a family meal can be beneficial. Older children often enjoy doing the lighting. Briefly going through the principles is a plus too. We can use the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which we practice them. The following books can also help:    Practicing Kwanzaa Year Round by. G.Dismukes  Kwanzaa: From Holiday to Every Day  by M.Angaza

P.S. – Many parents use the Nguzo Saba to ground their children all year. For eg. when planning family activities and correcting young ones the Nguzo Saba can be a useful tool.  That way our children learn how to use the principles on a regular basis. 

nguzo saba poster

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