Literacy: One Moore Book

Looking for books for our children? Try out Fabulous!  With so many youths in my life One Moore comes in handy. Trust me when I tell you.  Here’s a li’l promo:




Young adults/Parents: Consider a GAP Year

Imagine if more of us had taken a year off  from school/work  in our late teens/twenties? What a difference it’d have made! Check this out. We can still do it now you know. It’s never too late!

Real Gap Experiences:

What is a Gap Year?

Gap Year Fairs:

Let’s encourage more of our youth/young adults to consider this option. You don’t have to go through a GAP programme either. Create your own vibe if you like.


Parenting: When cultures collide



Many of us experience these inter-cultural clashes on a daily basis. Imagine what it’s like for our children. Let’s face it, most of us are raising our children very differently from how our parents raised us. Lots of challenges arise along the way. Need help (’cause Spirit knows our journey is crazy complex)?  Maybe the following will be of some assistance.

Books on the subject:

Continental parents talk about raising children in the diaspora:

Parenting across cultures:

The Challenge of Intercultural Parenting:

Parenting tips: How to transfer our culture to our children

Intercultural parenting topics;

Tips for immigrant parents:

P.S.- You don’t have to be an “immigrant family” in order for the aforementioned to resonate.  


Sesame Street in Nigeria: Good or Bad?

What’s your take on Sesame Square? It’s been showing in Nigeria for almost 2 years I believe. Hmm. A USAid project? I’m not liking the sound of this at all. Hmmmmmm. Granted I haven’t seen any episodes. Have you? Folks, is this really a good thing for our children?

Sesame Square’s debut:  

Sesame Square Showreel:

Thoughts? Opinions?



Misogyny & homophobia in our community

Girlllllllllllllll… Madame Noire… you took the words outta my mouth!!  I saw “Hidden Colors” and I plan to check out Part 2.    Article about misogyny & homophobia in our community       Djehuty Ma’at Ra speaks on homosexuality. He’s ON POINT on many fronts.    Part 2 of the above.          Hru Assaan-Anu’s take on the subject. Right on!