Great Ideas for Black Love Day (or Valentine’s Day)


Corporations never skip a beat. That’s for sure! Yup, they’re marketing for Valentine’s Day already. Yes, I still think VD is corny. Always have. Same way if someone special “hooks you up” around that time it’s all good.  No one says you gotta wait ’til February for all that though. That’s all I’m sayin. Here are some ideas for celebrating:

– Celebrate your relationship. Book a night or two at a guest house/inn/hotel. Some places have great rates in February.

– Head to a cozy restaurant for lunch or dinner.

– Participate in a sex/intimacy workshop. Sex and metaphysical stores often host them.

– Have a house party. Invite a few friends & relatives.  Have some munchies around. Put on your favourite tunes and DANCE!!

– Wear purple and/or pink.

– Have a games night with your partner(s). Sex stack is an idea. So are these:

– Go on a nature walk.

– Head to some hot springs with your partner(s).

– Order dinner via a caterer. Light some candles, play some games, watch some fun movies. Enjoy the evening with your partner(s). Dance!

– Attend some or events.

– Create some cards for the special people in your life. Or send ones via

– Decorate your home with purple and/or pink.

– Have a mini staycation.  Housesitting is another free option. Check online for folks who want housesitters for a few days. Better still find a friend/relative whose place is available.

– Go skinny dipping!

– Write some letters and/or love notes. Hand deliver or mail them.

– Have dinner on a beach at sunset. Something light and nutritious is fine.

– Make heart-shaped cookies for friends & relatives.

– Pick a few flowers for the sistahs in your life. Alternatively order some organic, fair trade ones.

– Here are some more ideas:

Special note: When spending money support black-owned businesses as much as possible. Try to support local artists and artisans. Think: Candy makers, visual artists, soapmakers, jewelry makers, knitters and more. 

heart cookies 2


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