Religious Literacy: It’s key for our families

I was raised in a strict Christian household and the thought of exploring other faiths didn’t occur to me until my early twenties. I really wish I would’ve been exposed to other religions (intentionally by my parents, not from a distance) while I was growing up. Instead I stepped away from Christianity whilst educating myself about other faiths. So glad I did both.

I must say that I’ve found that many of us “conscious” folks don’t see the benefit of educating ourselves about different faiths. Why is that? Why not learn about other perspectives/ways of living  while informing our children simultaneously? What are your thoughts?

interfaithsticker      Article about the book, “Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be at home in the World”  Article about the benefits of informing our youths about different religions  Children’s books about religion & spirituality “This is my Faith” is an excellent series for children.

NOTE: Learning about non-religious folks like agnostics, humanists & atheists is equally important (in my view).


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