Martin Luther King Day

What are you all doing for MLK’s earthday? Do it up! Represent what the man was REALLY about!     To Serve, a clip from one of Dr. King’s speeches      MLK Day parade 2012 (Atlanta)        MLK like you’ve probably never heard him      MLK Day of Service    Another MLK Day of Service site

Make a cake in King’s honour. Watch his speeches. Have a potluck with friends & family. Head to a MLK parade or church service. Have colouring pages handy for little ones. Participate in a MLK day of service event (or create your own).



One thought on “Martin Luther King Day

  1. I’ll be sharing the speech he gave in Cleveland in 1967 in audio and written forms with friends and family. I’ll be listening to it as well. It’s not a well-published speech – many that are quite substantive are not. If you have access to a venue, perhaps you can read it aloud, play it, or give out copies of it. The website’s footnotes are quite helpful and provide additional useful historical information. The link is


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