Need relationship advice? Check out Frank Love

What is Frank Love?

People lie to you because you have not made them feel comfortable enough to tell you the truth. Commitment is over-rated. We are all selfish in our relationships, even when we seem to put our partners before us. It is okay to be unhappy in relationships if that’s what you really want. Ideas like these are frank love.

Frank love is the honest advice that cuts through the social norms of common relationship issues.  It is advice that you may appreciate when struggling with simple issues that appear complicated.  Frank love reminds you that these complexities are illusions laden with human emotion and long-held societal beliefs about how romantic love “should” look.  Frank love informs you that these “shoulds” will likely land you in unhealthy relationships.  Frank love liberates your mind and heart to think creatively about romance. Frank love is the pull you can use when you are stuck in an unsatisfying relationship dynamic; and the push that can motivate you to release attachments to the perceived security of relationships, one which often results in self-deception and pain.

Frank love is hard-hitting advice that may only feel friendly in retrospect, and then turns out to be the best advice you ever received.  It may be hard to digest, but its no-holds-barred honesty enables you to question your existing beliefs and to create relationships that work for you, even if they break all the norms and look nothing like those of your friends and family.  Frank love is well, frank advice, but it is given in the spirit of love.

 And after implementing frank love, readers will experience relationships that are honest, fun, unique and tailored to their own quirks, weirdness and dynamics. Please enjoy our best frank love; it’s the un-romanticized romantic advice that may revolutionize your life.

Just a taste:



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