Show some love


Folks, I get that many of us aren’t into  Black Love Day/Valentine’s/Akoma Day. Got it! Trust me. I’ve intentionally never celebrated any of them. Mind you I’m literally just learning about Akoma Day and it’s pulling me a bit. That’s me though. Everyone is different and I honour that. I would never negate the fact that celebrations like these can help keep our relationships fresh/exciting.

To be honest I’ve heard one too many times that “conscious folks just aren’t into all of this sensual/lower vibration stuff.”  Hmmm. Foolishness if you ask me. Omg!! I find it so sad. Are some of us just plain lazy? People, let’s display our affection more. 4 real!  Let’s use the opportunity to get a real feel for what our partner(s) dig. We don’t have to spend mad money to do this. Simple things say alot.  And if we have partners who dig candlelight dinners, hotel/guest house stays, flowers, lingerie and more hook them up on occasion (even if it’s just once a year).  Remember… it takes (at least) two to tango. Homemade gifts work well of course. It’s also another opportunity to support a black-owned business or two. Relationships are about giving & taking/yin & yang/push & pull.  Truth. So sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. Folks, let’s be more flexible and meet each other where we’re at.  Our relationships/communities will benefit from it. BIG TIME. Let’s  try and do a better job of fulfilling matters of the heart.

P.S. – For those who are feeling the vibe of Black Love/Akoma Day but not the timing there’s an easy solution for that. Choose another time of year that works for you. I Love You (Keith Washington/Chante’ Moore) King & Queen (Richie Spice/Alison Hinds) Believe in Us (Mint Condition)



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