Post-Secondary Education in the Caribbean/Central & South America

Let’s broaden our horizons and consider options in the Caribbean & Central/South America. There is LOTS n LOTS to choose from! Yes, you/your children will receive a quality education and much more. You betta believe it!  AND… get this. Tuition fees are reasonable.  Here are some English-speaking links. Don’t forget about the Dutch, Spanish & French-speaking ones though. University College of the Caribbean (Jamaica) HEART College of Innovation & Technology (“) University of the West Indies (Trinidad/Jamaica/Barbados) Council of Community Colleges in Jamaica Caribbean Polytechnic Institute (Jamaica)  University of Technology (“) University of Puerto Rico University of the Virgin Islands College of Agriculture, Science & Technology (Jamaica) College of the Bahamas   Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute Barbados Community College Samuel J.P. Polytechnic (Barbados) Erdiston Teachers’ Training College (“) Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (St.Lucia) St. Helen University  (“) H.Lavity Stoutt Community College (BritishVirgin Islands) Dominica State College (Dominica not the Dominican Republic)  College of Science, Technology & Applied Arts (Trinidad & Tobago) University of Trinidad & Tobago Universities in “Latin America” Directory of colleges/universities in Cuba University College of the Cayman Islands International ” ” ” ” ” Bermuda College International University of Nursing (St. Kitts) (” “) (” “) Caribbean medical schools (Antigua) (“) St.George’s University (Grenada) (“) Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute (Puerto Rico) Caribbean University (” “) Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Caribbean Aerospace College (Jamaica) St.Vincent & the Grenadines Community College (St.Vincent) All Saints Univeristy (” “) Anton de Kon University (Suriname) University of Guyana (Guyana) American International School of Medicine (“) Greenheart Medical School  (“) Texila American University   (“)

And there are more schools out here! Next: let’s check out the motherland.


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