Planning your wedding?

As we all know our commitment ceremonies take many forms. Nevertheless do exactly what speaks to you and your partner(s). Will some of our family and friends be out of their comfort zones? You better believe it! We must be true to ourselves though. Build your ceremony from the ground up and find an officiant who will work with you.    Sharon & Mike’s wedding, Pt.1   ”    ”    “, Pt.2    ”    ”    “, Pt.3  Wedding in Central Park, NY  Ma’at Wedding Moments Another Afrikan-centred wedding  Pt.2 of above  Pt.3 ” ” Pt.4 ” ”  Afrikan-centred (kinda sorta), feminist (kinda sorta) wedding Article on various weddings     Tips for frugal wedding    Tanzanian/Jamaican wedding   Yoruba-inspired wedding in NYC      Ancient & contemporary traditions          Ancient wedding traditions



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