Traditional weddings! Let’s go back!

Oooh oooh ooooh! Have you ever been to a traditional wedding? Omg!!!! I’ve had the privilege of attending one. Oooooooh! It was an Ausar Auset wedding. My gosh, my gosh!!!! Let me tell you. It was absolutely wonderful!!! Engagement ceremony in Ghana. Not sure which spiritual tradition.    A taste of West African engagement ceremonies & weddings    Yoruba engagement/wedding celebration Yoruba wedding Li’l piece of Oromo wedding Important traditions you may want to include

Now you don’t have to get married in Africa to have such things. There are officiants all over the world who can assist you in having the engagement/wedding ceremony of your dreams.  If there are contemporary traditions (from the West) that you’d like to incorporate feel free to do so. It makes absolute sense for those of us from the Diaspora. Do it up!!




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