GHANA: Repatriation & Investment

Interested in repatriating to Ghana? Wonderful!! There’s lots to think about before you plan the big move. Don’t be hasty. Have a LONG-TERM PLAN.     Sis. Imakhus Njinga and others talk about repatriating    Part 2 of above     Highlights from Ghana Repatriation & Investment Tour 2012     Livity Village Sustainable Living Project     The Africa they never show us


Sh*t Conscious People Say & Do

This is real! Many  of us need to get alot more honest with ourselves. Be humble. There’s always more to learn.    Sh*t conscious people say & do.     A brother just callin’ it as he sees it. He’s callin us “conscious” folks out. Rightfully so.    Part 2 of the above. He’s on point!!!       Part 3 ” ” “. Funny! Not sayin’ that I agree with all that he says.      Part 4 ” ” “.

The point is that all the talk, reading, watching  of documentaries and so on isn’t the be-all-end-all.  Never was. It’s all fine and dandy but don’t be fooled. This ain’t buildin’.  It’s cool for us to adorn ourselves with cultural attire and learn African languages; wear our hair naturally, adopt a healthy veg*n lifestyle, drum/dance and meditate/do yoga daily. Even change our names, practice African spirituality, homeschool and  repatriate. It’s all good/necessary provided we don’t become arrogant (you know the “better Black” tip I’m referring to). Being culturally grounded is not a fashion show or a sitcom and isolating ourselves (through language and behaviour) serves none of us. It’s absolutely critical that we remain connected to our extended families and wider communities.  We must work with “them” consistently. There’s no excuse for all the Afrocentic elitism around here. It has got to go! Now & forever! Consistently working on ourselves/our communities is where it’s at. Always. Let’s do this!!

P.S. – Take on only what you can sustain and retreat when you need to (without apology).

unityAdinkra symbol for unity

Carifta Games!!!

The Carifta Games is an annual track  & field event which showcases the best of the Caribbean’s youth. Sweet vibes in a different country each year!! Lots of cheering, music, food and more! Tune in live if you can via . Consider heading to the games on occasion. It makes sense to make a trip out of it. This year’s games will take place in Nassau, Bahamas over the Easter weekend. Highlights of Carifta 2012 (Bermuda)  2012 Opening Ceremony (“) 2009 Closing Ceremony (St.Lucia)




Not into the spring equinox or Easter?

Cool. Just go along with your regularly scheduled programme if that’s the case. Planning a weekend trip may work well for some of you. What about a hike, long drive or time just relaxing at a park?   How about spending time simply catching up on much needed rest? You can always have a games night or maybe a movie marathon. How about a bike ride or a treasure hunt? Sounds like a plan.




For relatives who choose to give you gifts why not provide a short wish list for them in advance? Re-gift any items you don’t want or give them to a thrift store.

P.S. – The following will  give you a sense of the ways in which some non-religious folks plan  family gatherings around this time of year.  If some of the concepts speak to you go for it!

Outdoor play is VITAL

Fam, let’s get outside more. Yes, run around/act silly with your children. It’s vital. Not too much structure though. For the most part just allow yourself and your youths to “just be.” All the tv time and gadgets (electronic, computerized…) are simply not necessary. In fact they can be detrimental (if used in an unbalanced fashion) to our development.     Benefits of outdoor play

boysplaying   The importance of outdoor play     How do we get our children outdoors?

Child jumping rope

Our youths: Old-fashioned toys & activities

Committed to limiting tv time? Lovely! Not feelin’  all the plastic/electronic/computerized toys out here? Gotcha! Are you a frugal family? Wonderful!!!!  People,  let’s make what we can. In addition it’s key that we encourage our children to be innovative by creating games/toys with them.  The more we just “leave them be” the more we’ll see how innovative they are. Also get in and play with them as often as possible.


Thrift stores often have some sweet goods too. Check ’em out. If you’re shopping for toys why not go for natural and/or handmade goods? Google “eco-friendly toys,” “montessori toys” or “waldorf toys” and you’ll see how much you have to choose from.  Try to keep it light though. Fact is children often go through/outgrow toys very quickly. Let’s not overwhelm them. A few quality items is all they need. Here are some suggestions:

– Gardening tools

– Wheelbarrow

– Wooden house

– ”   Puzzles

– ”    Blocks

– Dolls

– Paper dolls.

– Playdough. Make your own.

– Tool kit

– Tinkertoys

– Cards

– Trampolines

– Dirt. No cost. Just go outside.

– Sticks. No cost. Get some from a few trees.

– Bubbles. Just mix laundry detergent & water. Voila!

– Charades. No cost attached. Just show your children how to play. No need for queue cards.

– Automobiles

– Slinky

– Needlepoint set ie.

–  Frisbee

– Dress-up clothes. Use old clothes from your closet, get some from a friend’s children or a thrift store.

– Fruit/vegetable set

– Pickup sticks

– Colouring pages. No cost. Just download them.

– Old bread (for bird feed)

– Spinning tops

– Loom set  ie.

– Rubik’s cube

– Balls

– Colouring books/crayons.

– Skates

– Finger paints. Make your own.

– Chalk/blackboard

– Oware/mancala

– Chess

– Checkers

– Story/activity books

– Go-karts

– Marbles

– Sticker books

– Paper (use scraps)/coloured pencils

– Dominoes

– Jewelry making kits

– Skipping ropes (Chinese/double dutch)

– Jacks

– Treehouse

– Yoga

– Seesaw

– Swing set

The less we have around the more our children will play with what’s in their midst.   Declutter every few months by giving toys to orphanages, thrift stores and friends/family.  The benefits of eco-friendly toys. Ignore the 2nd half of the video.



Here are more toys & books: