March 2 – Adwa Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you and/or your family celebrate Adwa Day? If so what does that look like? Here are some suggestions:

– Consider doing a water fast until sunset.

– Make a wreath out of local flowers (in remembrance of those who fought in the Battle at Adwa/all Afrikans who participated in wars with colonizers). Feel free to put it on your family altar or in another prominent place.

– Have a feast/party to celebrate. Wear a colour (different one each year) that speaks to the energy required to be victorious in such wars.

– Watch Haile Gerima’s “Adwa.”

– Light a candle.

– Head to an anniversary event (organized by Ethiopians). Sometimes you can find a public one to attend.

– If you like reggae go to a roots’ dance. They’re often organized by Rastas in celebration of Adwa Day. Video about the Battle/Victory of Adwa Emperor Menelik II A Teddy Afro song, Tikur Sew.



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