So *Fasika/Easter is coming

So you don’t exactly celebrate Easter yet you embrace some of the traditions associated with it. Gotcha! Here are some suggestions:

– Talk about/read children’s books about the history of Easter & the different ways that people celebrate Easter globally.

– Take spring foods to your family gathering.

Have a treasure hunt (instead of an easter egg hunt).

– Fast for 30+ days leading up to Easter. ie. sunrise to sunset.

– Give up an activity or food you like for 30+ days prior to Easter.

– Head to an Ethiopian/Eritrean Orthodox (or Coptic) Easter service and feast afterwards. Educate yourselves before you attend the service.

– Play marbles. Make kites and fly them.

*Fasika is the Amharic word for “Easter.”

P.S.- Check out this series by Hru Assaan. He’s schooling us on the Afrikan origins of Easter. Awesome!  Part 1  Part 2. There are a few more clips in the series.  Dr. Ray Hagins speaks on the subject.   Naazir Ra gives his take on Easter.


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