Spring is in the air!

Celebrate the equinox? Bringing in the new year on the first day of spring? It’s a big time for me. Here are some ideas for celebrating:

– Declutter your home, work spaces and vehicles. Change curtains/linen in your home. You may want to use colours that reflect spring. Cleanse spaces by burning sage.

– Exchange a few gifts with your immediate family ie. outdoor toys/games, seeds (veg/fruit/bird), inspirational dvds/books etc.

– Wear white or spring colours.

– Head to a spring festival.

– Do some healing art work ie. tai chi/qigong, yoga meditation.

– Fast beforehand and/or have a New Year’s/Spring party at home or at a park. Invite family and friends.

Welcome spring. Focus on your goals for the season as well as the upcoming year. Write them down in a special place. Pour libation (preferably outside) for significant/family ancestors born in the spring.

– Organize a treasure hunt with a spring time theme. Make different types of kites. Fly them.

– Play marbles, hopscotch, jacks, jump rope (including Chinese), cat’s cradle.

– Have spring food and herbs. Include a cake that has butterflies, birds or flowers on it OR a homemade pie made from fresh, local fruit.

– Go for a walk. Pick flowers and place them in vases for your home. See how many birds you can spot ie. longtails, bluebirds.

– Spring colouring pages (young children).

– Put a bird bath and/or bird box in your yard.

– Plant something.

– Read children’s books about spring (& the ways that different people celebrate it worldwide).

– Colour some mandalas. Mandala books of all kinds are on the market.


– Have some cards/games/puzzles/go-karts handy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3upq-dqVWc Queen Mother Imakhu gives us some additional tips.


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