Treats for the spring equinox & Easter

Some folks exchange small gifts for  the spring equinox/Easter. Bird feed, outdoor games/toys (coloured chalk, skipping ropes, kites, balls, bikes, marbles, jacks) veg/fruit seeds, bird boxes, gardening tools, cowry/sea shell jewelry, plaintain chips, rock/glass candy, coconut cakes, tamarind balls, popcorn. *Wooden/plastic eggs filled with local herbs or seeds works well too. Those are just some ideas. If we feel that we must buy something for a relative/friend how ’bout balancing it out with something handmade? Let’s keep the consumption to a minimum.


For yummy treats there are always homemade goodies ie. jam/pies made from local fruit. The following may work for you too. The symbolism is ON!    Vegan jelly beans  Assortment of vegan candy. Springish themes.  ” ” ” ” Creating green

baskets for the equinox or Easter. More on the above

gooseberryjam Gooseberries and some jam made from them.

* Please reuse each year.


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