Sh*t Conscious People Say & Do

This is real! Many  of us need to get alot more honest with ourselves. Be humble. There’s always more to learn.    Sh*t conscious people say & do.     A brother just callin’ it as he sees it. He’s callin us “conscious” folks out. Rightfully so.    Part 2 of the above. He’s on point!!!       Part 3 ” ” “. Funny! Not sayin’ that I agree with all that he says.      Part 4 ” ” “.

The point is that all the talk, reading, watching  of documentaries and so on isn’t the be-all-end-all.  Never was. It’s all fine and dandy but don’t be fooled. This ain’t buildin’.  It’s cool for us to adorn ourselves with cultural attire and learn African languages; wear our hair naturally, adopt a healthy veg*n lifestyle, drum/dance and meditate/do yoga daily. Even change our names, practice African spirituality, homeschool and  repatriate. It’s all good/necessary provided we don’t become arrogant (you know the “better Black” tip I’m referring to). Being culturally grounded is not a fashion show or a sitcom and isolating ourselves (through language and behaviour) serves none of us. It’s absolutely critical that we remain connected to our extended families and wider communities.  We must work with “them” consistently. There’s no excuse for all the Afrocentic elitism around here. It has got to go! Now & forever! Consistently working on ourselves/our communities is where it’s at. Always. Let’s do this!!

P.S. – Take on only what you can sustain and retreat when you need to (without apology).

unityAdinkra symbol for unity


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