Leaving the Bible behind: Part 3

So you’re on your journey. You still hold the Bible dear yet you’re moving away from some of the teachings you were raised with. Understandable.  Looking for a new spiritual home if you will? A fellowship that has regular Bible studies, youth & seniors programmes, choirs to join, camping trips and retreats, singles clubs and more? Got it!  Don’t worry.  You have options:

www.shrinebookstore.com/church.aspx   Pan-African Orthodox Church

www.israelitenation.com   Israelite Nation

www.uua.org   Unitarian Universalist Church

http://www.sankofaucc-atl.org   Sankofa United Church of Christ

www.theholyqubticchurch.org  Holy Qubtic Church

www.ethiopianorthodox.org  Ethiopian Orthodox Church

www.africanhebrewisraelites.com  African Hebrew Israelites

www.trinitychicago.org  Trinity United Church of Christ

www.rastafari.org   Rastafari

http://covenantdc.org/   Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ

www.journeyhomegroup.com   Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah

www.copticmission.org    Egyptian Coptic Church

www.theafricanorthodoxchurchofafrica.com   African Orthodox Church

http://www.covucc.org    Covenant United Church of Christ

www.faithaliveaocc.org   African   Orthodox Catholic Church

http://shouterbaptist.org/member-organizations/   Spiritual Baptist churches in Canada

http://www.wiusbsoinc.org     ” ” ” ” the Caribbean

http://www.isaiahtemple.com   Spiritual Baptist church in Brooklyn, NY

church choir

P.S.- Now if you ever decide that you’re ready to step away from the Bible (not that it doesn’t have anything good in it) holla at me.  There is lots of support out here!


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