Mama’s Day


Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? It’s one of my favourite days of the year! My siblings and I do exactly what our mom enjoys. Mama’s Day is a time to honour the mamas/grandmas/godmas (ancestral and living) in our lives. Important stuff! How ’bout placing photos of your ancestral mamas on your family altar? Remember to do something special with/for the ones who are living.  Consider giving gifts with meaning ie. experiences rather than things.  Here are some suggestions:

-Head to a park or out on a boat. Serve a yummy meal or have one catered by someone in our community.
-Give mama a plant or freshly picked herbs.
-Pick flowers or order some organic ones.
-Host a tea party.
-Treat your mama to a spa day or a gift certificate to a show, movie etc.
-Get some family photos taken. Professional ones? Not necessarily.

Now some of us skip mainstream Mother’s Day for various reasons. Got it! How about designating another day to honour our mamas? One that makes sense to you. It’s so worth it. Think about it.

P.S.- If you choose to buy a gift try to stick with something that’s locally made ie. visual art, soap, jam, music, baked goods, veggies, candles. & offer some sweet gifts too.  Whatever you do lay low on the packaging.

flower  A Song for Mama (BoyzIIMen)  A Mother’s Love (Kem)

For an extra special gift purchase a bag via

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