Not familiar? Well I certainly wasn’t until a few years back. This children’s book hipped me to it:


June 19.  A big day for some families in the U.S.  Family gatherings with lots of food. Community events here and there, Stateside and elsewhere. In some states it’s a public holiday.

http://www.nationaljuneteenth.com/  History, info. on events etc.

www.juneteenth.com  History and more

http://www.amazon.com/Freedoms-Gifts-A-Juneteenth-Story/dp/0689802692   Another children’s book


Do I celebrate it? Nah. Not feelin’ it like that. I acknowledge it.  That’s enough for me. Think it’ll add value to your family calendar? Head to a local Juneteenth event and/or call up some family & friends and have a BBQ! Nothin’ like good company and yummy food.

P.S.- Let’s keep working towards freedom ’cause this right here sure ain’t it.

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