Summer, summer, summertime!!!!!!!! Time to activate that melanin!!!!!!! Get that beach time in. Make sure your eyes, hair & skin get their share of sun. Very important! June 21 marks the beginning of summer (if you’re up north that is). Any special plans? Doing a fast? Fabulous! Consider including lots of melon and cooling herbs (preferably ones that are in season). Hitting the ocean, lake or river? Sounds like a plan. Get out that journal and reel off this season’s goals. Keep it short now. No sense overwhelming ourselves.  Hmm. Stuck for ideas on how to celebrate? These may help:

– Declutter your home, vehicles and work spaces. Change linen/curtains in your home. You may want to use colours that reflect summer. Burn sage to cleanse spaces.

– Wear white or summer colours.

– Catch up on sleep.

– Do some healing art work ie. reiki, tai chi/qigong, yoga, meditation.

– Pour libation (preferably outside) for significant/family ancestors born in summer.

– Read children’s books about summer. Print off some summer colouring pages for the little ones.

– Have a special meal with friends/ family. Serve summer foods and cooling herbs ie. salads. Have a BBQ with fruit salad. Go outside!

– Have some cards/games/puzzles handy.

– Colour some mandalas.

Now if you want  a good book that’ll help you get started check out

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