Spirituality 101: See-ers

Truth is it can be difficult to find a good see-er (aka clairvoyant). The ones who are on point often work “off the grid.” You won’t find their business card or poster at a metaphysical store. Don’t bother to look online or in the phone book either. Lol.  Folks often visit them when they’re making major decisions ie. marrying/divorcing, purchasing a home, moving house/country, considering a relationship with someone, dealing with health and/or financial issues. Some just go when “something’s up.” Others seek them out because they just “feel to.”  Not familiar with see-ers? Check this out:  http://www.examiner.com/article/spirituality-101-what-is-clairvoyance-and-how-is-it-spiritual

Things to know before you visit a see-er:

Be prepared for them to ask for the name of the person who referred you.

They typically don’t use cards ie. tarot etc.

Relax in knowing that they forget what they’ve shared with you once the session is over.

Feel free to ask them questions during your session. Take  notes and keep them in a special place.

Like any other practitioner when you find a good see-er my advice is to stick with them. Just keep their name and contact info. handy in case you need them. Trust me. Oh and think long and hard before you pass on their details.  Do NOT tell everyone and their mama about them. A see-er’s gifts are never to be taken lightly.


P.S.- Our see-ers are all over the planet. Some practice Obeah. Many do not.


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