So the first day of school is around the corner for many of you. Here are a few tips to help your family navigate the academic year. Keep in mind these suggestions are for parents whose children do not attend Afrikan-centred schools.

1) Be an active PTA/PTSA member. Speak up and encourage parents/staff
to be inclusive/embrace diversity. Set the example.

2) Identify other families with a similar worldview and/or lifestyle
(at your children’s schools). Connect with them. Try to devise a
“non-threatening game plan” for the year.

3)  Correspond with your children’s principals/teachers about your
family’s “special needs” at the beginning of the academic year ie.
eating habits, exemption from  activities related to Halloween,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc.   Present simple
solutions for challenging situations related to these. Give an
overview of your beliefs if necessary. P.S.- It’s preferable to meet with school staff and specify your requests in letters.  ARCHIVE THE LETTERS.

4) Volunteer at your children’s schools often.


5) Remain in contact with your children’s teachers/principals
throughout the academic year.

P.S.- Consider doing the same for extra-curricular activities.    Offers tips on helping schools embrace diversity in all its forms.   Written for Muslim parents. Others may find them helpful too though.

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