Full & new moon rituals

How many of us are really in touch with the moon’s cycles? Hmm. I’m working on getting back in.  Farmers tune into them for planting. Tides follow their rhythm. Whether we’re aware of it or not the moon affects us humans too.  How ’bout creating a full and/or new moon ritual? Something simple may work for your fam.  Both are great times to take colour or salt baths (at home or in the ocean).  http://www.colourenergy.com/bath_products.html Skinny dipping too.  YAY!!

If you host full moon gatherings think about including prayers, chanting, meditations, crystal charging, readings (poetry & more). It’s a great time to pull some of your meditation cards too. Sacred Thoughts Poetry Meditation cards and http://www.blackangelcards.com are sweet!  www.crystaljourneycandles.com are phenomenal!

http://www.esotericstudies.net/full_moon_meditations.html     Full moon meditations.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0IxloTpP6Q    New & full moon rituals.   Enhance the experience by wearing certain colours & crystals. Burn that oil and incense too. As long as your choices (clothes, crystals, oils, incense) are in sync with your intent the rituals should be fine.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV-ap9N08lE       A brother talks about new/full moon rituals
http://www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/moon-bathing.html    Salt baths for the new & full moons
NOTE: Use the new moon for releasing (unhealthy habits/people, things outgrown, negativity etc).  Use the full moon for attracting (new habits, people, abundance/wealth, positivity etc).

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