Skills for Nationbuilding

Nation building skills for the Afrikan family!

by Umkhonto we Sizwe

1) How to make a fire to cook food &/or how to cook food without electric or gas stove

2) How to identify fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in nature

3) How to defend oneself in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to, using ones’ bodily force or martial arts

4) How to grow your own foods, specifically those which are indigenous to the Afrikan ancestral diet

5) How to identify natural water sources, that are safe to drink


6) How to identify herbs that can be used for cleansing the body or healing wounds kwk

7) How to identify herbs and plants that can be used to purify and cleanse the internal organs

8) How to rescue someone if they are drowning (lifeguard)

9) How to navigate to safety in sea water, by boat or swimming

10) How to fish and how to find bait in the wild in order to catch fish


11) How to identify and locate safe places and hideouts in the hills and mountainous regions, of whatever region or location we may find ourselves

12) How to exercise and implement community discipline and order through “guerilla rulership”

13) How to herd and raise animals, like goats, ducks, chickens, wild birds, pigs, cows kwk

14) How to build your own home

15) How to utilize traditional methods of transportation to move goods &/or services from one place to another (ie. donkey, boat, cow, horse, ship, mule kwk)


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