African Holocaust Day

A Guyanese sistah just sent this my way:

African Holocaust or MAAFA Day is being celebrated on October 12, 2013. This day is usually acknowledged by the mainstream as Columbus Day. For us it, here in Guyana, is the celebration of the millions of Africans who died enroute to the so-called New World.

This year it is very special for me. After 15 years, I will be in Guyana for the day. In Guyana, the commemorations are national and it is the only place in the Caribbean/South America where it is celebrated on such a large scale. There are usually national statements by the President and relevant Ministers. Tomorrow morning, thousands of Guyanese will pilgrimage to the Atlantic Ocean to lay flowers, drum and host other activities to honor our ancestors who were lost at sea. Wherever you are tomorrow, please take a moment or two to reflect on and give honour to our Holocaust.
Tu Ta Shinda ( We will Win!)

holocaustday At the Kingston Seawall  as Afro-Guyanese folks paid homage to the ancestors who were lost in the middle passage. – Photo taken  in 2009

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