Our daughters: A coming-of-age celebration

Great news!! A family just welcomed their daughter into womanhood.  The ritual was performed soon after her first moon (aka period). Check this out to get a sense of what took place. Beautiful stuff!!

1. Purification of the home

2. Our daughter was in her room with her  “initiation” group  getting ready.  These girls were either dressed in white (pre-pubescent), or red  (pubescent).

3. Purification ritual with the Mama-Matriarchs (menstruating and menopausal/post-menopausal wombmen)

4. Meditation / Libations

5. Our daughter was escorted into the ritual room with the mamas.

6. A “birthing ritual” (through her many mothers) took place in which our daughter emerged as our Village’s newest young wombman.

7.  Our daughter became encircled with mamas who one-by-one gifted her with their expectations of her. They gave her well wishes and actual gifts.

8. She was escorted back upstairs with attendants.

9. The rest of the community (males included) joined us and was smudged in order to receive and welcome our daughter with a clean heart and body.

10. Drum Call

11. Our daughter “emerged” into the receiving “community village” of friends and family.

12. Statements of commitment and well wishes were given by her Baba and each community member.

13. Final statements were offered by the Matriarchal officiates (including myself and 2 other Matriarchs).

14. Drumming, dancing, eating.

15. …A very Empowered and Happy daughter!

firstmoonpicOne of the Matriarch officiates is sharing a brief message of love right after conducting Libations


3 thoughts on “Our daughters: A coming-of-age celebration

  1. Alafia my sister:

    It makes my heart glad and proud to know that you are doing this and that it went so well. Please keep me informed of your doings. May the ancestors be praised.

    Yeye Luisah Teish

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