December 25: A day of service

More than 200 families are expected to attend the third annual Christmas Day luncheon hosted by Bermuda CableVision in partnership with the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The luncheon for families in need and other residents who “may not otherwise be able to enjoy such a meal” on Christmas Day will be held at the church on King Street on December 25 from 1pm to 3pm.

A spokesperson confirmed: “Up to 200 families will be able to attend, and it is expected that the church hall will be filled to capacity.

“A scrumptuous meal is being planned, to include the full traditional Christmas menu of turkey and all the trimmings, an array of savoury vegetarian dishes, and an assortment of holiday desserts.

“Bermuda CableVision purchases and prepares the food and its employees will be on hand to help the church members serve the meals,” she added.

Company CEO Terry Roberson said: “Recognising the growing need in our community, and having launched the ‘Open Hands, Loving Hearts’ Food Drive this year, we naturally wanted to participate in this event once again.

“We thank the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church for their steadfast commitment to helping the less fortunate in our community. This is the true spirit of Christmas and we look forward to sharing it with all who join us.”

Church Pastor Kenneth Manders, said: “As Pastor of the Hamilton Seventh-day Church, I would like to express our joy in partnering with CableVision for the third edition of this special Christmas event.

“To share God’s joy on Christmas Day is a privilege, and we are blessed to be able to invite these guests to our table. Thank you CableVision, for responding to the needs of our community as we share the joy of Christmas.”



P.S.- These types of initiatives are held all over the world on Dec.25. Get involved if you feel to! 

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