5 Ways to be in Truth with your family this Holiday season

Yule tide greetings,

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts- Janice Maeditere

1.   Within Each Person lies an Inner Battlefield

Don’t let outer appearances fool you. Each person is going through their unique challenges as we move more and more into the Aquarian Age. Become present with people and feel them and you will begin to see (with the 3rd eye)  their pain.  Don’t look to them to validate your findings. The ego views this kind of vulnerability as death.  Beam love from your heart and bless them  as you listen. This is what it means to have compassion for others.

2.   Don’t be Nice – Be Real ! And Turn off the TV too !

Stop doing things just for the approval of others.  If you don’t want the food or the booze  just say “no thank you” with no explanation required. Let mother’s ego feel hurt if you don’t like her white-poison-dessert or some other foods she has prepared. Usually people just want to bond. Say to dad “no I don’t want to drink but I do want to spend time with you.” Families will often have the TV blaring in the middle of the room – a handy distraction from reality. Suggest to turn off the TV, go for a walk, talk, play games or cook together.

3.   Deliver your Soul’s Gift this Holiday Season

Before we incarnated to this life, we chose our family of origin. It is important to remember that we came here to deliver our soul gifts to help our families to heal. Start by taking note of what you complain about. What do you feel your family never gave you?  This is exactly what you are to give to them.  If you feel they never fully accepted you practice accepting them. Bring true forgiveness and acceptance to everyone involved. Be open to members of your family changing and healing.

4.   Let Go of the Past by Healing the Present

When families gather, stories from the past will inevitably come up.  “Remember the time Uncle John was so drunk he fell on the Christmas tree.”  “Remember when black sheep sister ruined Christmas by burning the turkey ha,ha, ha.” Share your perspective and experience of the past from an authentic place.  Own your experience and do not feel threatened by the judgment of others. Speak your Truth even if your voice trembles. When you are aligned with Truth you are aligned with the power of the Universe.  Also honor others’ perspectives of their experience. Perhaps ask the question, “Why do we tell this story over and over? Is there something unfinished in this story? How can we let it go?”

5.   Resist the Urge to Escape

If family dynamics or thoughts from the past are overwhelming you  the mind will want to escape. Resist the urge to self-medicate through eating and drinking too much. Remove yourself from the situation and meditate  wherever you are. There will be a bathroom to escape to. Lock the door and breathe deeply.

Try this simple 3 min meditation to get yourself together:

Exercise: Inhale a deep breath into your Heart Chakra. See your Heart Door Open Wide while you hold this intention in your mind:

I ask to receive the greater knowledge of my soul and to be open to receive all I need to grow.
Hold Breath for 10 seconds while focused on your Heart center.

Exhale slowly ¼ (or so) of your held breath and inhale another deep breath into your solar plexus center.

Hold breath for 10 seconds within your solar plexus center.

Exhale slowly ¼ (or so) of your breath and then inhale another deep breath.

As you inhale bring the energy of your breath from your solar plexus upward past your heart and releasing out of the top of your crown.

Rest with 3 breaths and start the process again.

As you progress with this simple technique as a daily practice, it is suggested to ask inwardly these simple questions:

• Who am I?

• Where did I come from?

• Why am I here?

• What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Remember there is no way to do this exercise incorrectly. Let go, feel inside and follow your intuition along with your breath. You may want to journal your impressions for review at a later time.”

Written in 2012 by my girl, Denise, from Seed of the Soul



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