That’s us.

MORE than a Woman but a GODDESS::

I think a woman that is not desperate for love and attention often confuses men. That does not mean she does not want a man’s love and affection, it just means that she has enough love for herself that she does not have to force or push to be loved by another. She is not looking to convince you to pick her. She has done the science of Self and knows that if you are for her, no convincing is necessary. When you meet her you will know, so she doesn’t waste time trying to be what she “thinks” you might be hoping for… She allows you room to find that in another or better yet, within your own Self…

This type of woman longs for her one just like any other Being does, but she is so solid in her core that she is not trying to make everyone her one… she knows he is special like she is. She is not closed off to the possibility of any him being her him… She is not in a rush with the one that may be him, because he does not complete her. He adds to her but he can never take away from her. In his absence or presence she thrives and blossoms~

So relax men when you are in her presence… she is not pressuring you, nor does she have any expectations. She loves being in the flow of your masculine energy, but she is not trying to make you anything to her, that you do not want to be. She has graduated from such childish manipulations. She is grateful for the exchange of Energy. She is at peace in your presence and out of it… She is a magnifier of what you give her, and if you allow her, she will give you more than you were every willing to offer, and more than you ever expected…

She is more than a woman, she is Goddess realized and personified…

StarFly Awakening~



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