Celebrating Afrikan Love: 2nd Annual Akoben Institute Fundraiser

Akoben Institute, in it’s 15th year of operation, is having a celebration for the Afrikan-centered community. This celebration is part of an effort, which has already begun, to gather financial support for our full-time, Afrikan centered educational institute for 4th – 12th graders. No independent educational institution survives or thrives without its community’s assistance and we are completely independent; wholly depending on our people to support the work of keeping this nationbuilding effort alive so that every Warrior-in-Training who comes to us receives everything ¬†that he or she needs to be self-knowing and powerful. Afrikan family, join us Saturday, June 7, 2014 as we celebrate Afrikan love! Afrikan couples, single Afrikan men and women, as well as mature teens, interested in understanding complementary relationships are all invited. Our celebration will kick off with a panel discussion on relationships. There will be 12 couples (including the Baruti’s) in various stages of their marriages who will share their wisdom with attendees. Then it will be time to start the party with plenty of good music and dancing! Additionally, we will have a raffle with a $100 cash prize, a Complementarity gift set (books and dvds), as well as gift certificates from Afrikan businesses. The Afrikan marketplace will have food, Afrikan gifts and much more! Donations: $20 for Adults, $35 for Couples, $10 for Teens.





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