Hurricane Preparation

Fam, it’s hurricane season in this part of the world. Things have gone well so far. No worries here since it’s home.  It’s just a matter of being prepared. Dat it! Here’s my prep. list. Feel free to use it if you ever need to.

– Do laundry.

– Wash dirty dishes.

– Have on hand: Candles, matches/lighters, batteries, old towels for flooding, at least one battery-operated radio, books, puzzles, games, cards, letter writing paraphernalia, small burners/sternos (for cooking), flashlights.

– Identify hurricane emergency radio station. Tune in on occasion for weather updates.

– Secure all windows & doors. Exposed windows/glass doors should be duct taped for extra protection.

– Fill pots, new trash bins, buckets, bath tubs, bottles (filtered water for drinking) with tap water. Ensure that you have enough for bathing, cooking, drinking, flushing toilets.

– Have enough food on hand. Prepare some in advance. Freeze/refrigerate.  ie. fresh fruit, cereal, soup, lasagna, chili, pasta/tomato sauce, stew, salad stuff, popcorn, chips/salsa, crackers, banana/gingerbread, cookies, bread, fruit bars, dried fruit. For non-perishables stick to boxed and bagged items as much as possible.

– Clear your yard & porch. Bring all potted plants, toys, pets, chairs inside.

– Carry out  protection rituals before and during the storm. For more info.  ask a traditional African Priest/Priestess.

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